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Royal Hobart Regatta
movie clips

Trading Ketches great footage
Greasy Pole action early 1900s
Great Regatta scenes early 1900s
Cars and huge crowds 1930s
Boat Celebrations early 1900s
Ferries at Regatta 1930s
Wave Ride in 1930s
Rowing eights race 1930s
Ferries in early 1900s
Tower Diving
Horses Ride 1930s
1913 Flagships
Action on foreshore 1930s
Balance Beam
Crowd at centenary Regatta
Crowds on foreshore and terraces
Early cars and crowds
Early Rowing
Lads having fun early 1900s
Navy coming ashore 1930s
Flagships and Seaplanes 1930s
Flying Boat landing 1930s
Foreshore crowds
Keelboat Race 1930s
Merry Mix Ride 1930s
Motor Boat race 1930s
Pillow Fight over water 1930s
River scenes 1930s
Rowing foreshore activity 1930s
Sailors coming ashore 1930s
Small Yachts Race 1930s
Smalls Yachts racing 1930s
Spectators in dinghys
Springboard diving 1930s
Swimming between jetties 1930s
Swimming Excitement 1930s
Swimming race 1930s
Trading Ketches closeup
Trans Derwent Swim finish early 1900s
Water fun 1930s
Woodchopping 1930
Yacht Racing 1930s

The 2018 Royal Hobart Regatta is the 180th anniversary of the first regatta in 1838. It will feature three days of continuous activity on the River Derwent, Queens Domain and the skies above.

Images below and throughout the website, are from recent Regattas.

Click on the historic movie clips to the right of this screen to see snippets of the Royal Hobart Regatta's rich heritage.


Rowing eightsAn action-packed program is in store for you, with a stage on the foreshore for all three days - featuring a large screen projecting live feeds from the water action.

Kids and Family day on Sunday has another great entertainment program, the Make Believe Pirates leading the way, some great performances from the Musical Theatre Crew and a full program of song, dance and kids' entertainment.

All of our main water events - sailing, rowing, Trans Derwent Swimmers and jet skis will put on a great show, with some exciting milestone feature events - including the Denis Mounie Trophy for the feature rowing eights race.

The keelboats will be competing for the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup, donated by the famous Americas Cup challenger, Sir Thomas Lipton in 1915, and won over the years by many of Tasmania's most famous yachts.

And of course our regatta ground rides bring some new excitement as well as the old favourites.

The Royal Australian Navy, Airforce and Army give great support to the Regatta with flagship, helicopter demonstrations and Army and Navy Bands entertaining us.

Stan Tilley will give us another great aerial acrobatic display and the woodchoppers will be working hard chopping and sawing under the hot sun.

Our thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors and participants who make the Royal Hobart Regatta a success.

Peoples Day on Monday will bring a large keelboat fleet out again on a course that will keep the combined clubs fleet within sight of the Regatta Ground, bringing the biggest display of sails at the Royal Hobart Regatta for many years.

And right in the middle of the river in front of the Regatta Ground the smaller yachts will put on a great showcase of sails - and gave Regatta patrons a great spectacle of sail.

At 6pm in the evening on Monday, the Geilston bay Boat Club will run a twilight keelboat race starting directly in front of the Regatta Ground - which will be spectacular for Regatta Patrons - keelboat racing close up.

Click here for the full program of events