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Please note that due to COVID-19 special social distancing provisions and instructions will apply. These will be provided to all volunteers, participants and organisers once they are finalised. In addition they will be made publically available to people who would like to come to the regatta.

Event, registration and starting details presently shown in the website are those for a typical year and may be modified closer to the event to align with COVID-19 restrictions and precautionary guidelines in place at the time of the event.

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

Volunteer Roles and Tasks

Public Safety and Communications

Assist with ensuring Public Safety of the event, entry and exit of emergency services, and hazard checking and reporting. Prevent unauthorised entry to grandstand, take directions from Regatta’s Public Safety Officer.

Event operations

Setting up marques and ground facilities, manning the information booth, cleaning and maintenance of bins and toilets, keeping the ground clear of rubbish, signage, packing up marques and facilities at the end of each day and end of the event.

Aquatic Operations

Setting up course flags, assist with aquatic events, launch and operate the Regatta dinghy, Place buoys and other on-water safety equipment, and undertake directions from race officials.

Event Parking and Traffic Control

Assist with Regatta car parking, traffic control of parking area, taking direction from parking supervisors andRegatta Safety Staff.

Event Administration

Assisting the Volunteer coordinator with providing volunteers with support, maintaining volunteer breakout room, monitoring unauthorised access to volunteer facilities, assist event coordinator with various tasks, assisting with Regatta Ambassador Program, help pack up event office at end of Regatta.

Maintenance and organisational activities throughout the year

The committee and Friends of the Royal Hobart Regatta work throughout the year to ensure the success of the Regatta the following year.

The Regatta is managed and run entirely by volunteers and we can achieve a lot through the year in partnership with the Hobart City Council and many honourary officers and volunteers who give freely of their time.

Shown below are two projects that need a considerable amount of work on a regular basis - on the left, we are progessively working on this area - to ultimately turn this section of foreshore back into a beach for launching small craft, on the right is the concrete rowing ways which need some significant upgrading from time to time. Saturday mornings from 9:30 you will usually find some Friends and committees members at work around the Regatta venue.


Foreshore Maintenance

To apply to be a Friend of the Royal Hobart Regatta, click on this link to print out the application form, and return it to us. You will see there are many ways that you can get involved including:

Your contribution will make a real difference to the patrons of the next Royal Hobart Regatta.