1913 Flagships
Action on foreshore 1930s
Balance Beam
Boat Celebrations early 1900s
Cars and huge crowds 1930s
Crowd at centenary Regatta
Crowds on foreshore and terraces
Early cars and crowds
Early Rowing
Ferries at Regatta 1930s
Ferries in early 1900s
Flagships and Seaplanes 1930s
Flying Boat landing 1930s
Foreshore crowds
Greasy Pole action early 1900s
Great Regatta scenes early 1900s
Horses Ride 1930s
Keelboat Race 1930s
Lads having fun early 1900s
Merry Mix Ride 1930s
Motor Boat race 1930s
Navy coming ashore 1930s
Pillow Fight over water 1930s
River scenes 1930s
Rowing eights race 1930s
Rowing foreshore activity 1930s
Sailors coming ashore 1930s
Small Yachts Race 1930s
Smalls Yachts racing 1930s
Spectators in dinghys
Springboard diving 1930s
Swimming between jetties 1930s
Swimming Excitement 1930s
Swimming race 1930s
Tower Diving
Trading Ketches closeup
Trading Ketches great footage
Trans Derwent Swim finish early 1900s
Water fun 1930s
Wave Ride in 1930s
Woodchopping 1930
Yacht Racing 1930s