History of the Royal Hobart Regatta

The Royal Hobart Regatta has been staged annually, and without a break (apart from 1967 when the disastrous bush fires caused its last minute cancellation) since 1838 and remains the largest aquatic carnival in the Southern Hemisphere.

When the Regatta was first held in 1838, it was arranged by Governor Sir John and Lady Franklin as a form of relaxation and competition for the citizens of Hobart. Aquatic events were organized and crews of visiting ships entered to compete with the Hobartians. On-shore activities became popular with patrons as well and the whole gathering took on a carnival atmosphere.

Scene from 1843 1st class yacht race is shown below.

1483 Regatta

The Hobart Regatta, later the Royal Hobart Regatta, was Tasmania's most important public event for more than a century, and the scenes from the 1938 Centenary Regatta below, show the huge crowds who enjoyed the spectacle on the Derwent River.

Centenary Regatta

The Queen and Prince Philip came to the Royal Hobart Regatta in 1963, visiting Hobart on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Queen at Regatta