Cooperative Motors

2021 Dealer of the Year

Co-operative Motors commenced operations in 1913, taking over the operations of the Hobart Motor Company, located at the bottom end of Elizabeth Street – close to Hobart’s dock area.  As such, Co-op Motors proudly carries the mantle of being the longest-serving motor dealer in Australia.

Co-op’s first franchise was for a truck known as the R.E.O, which later became known as the Reo.  This make survived until the early 1940’S when production ceased.  In 1919, Dodge cars and Graham Bros. trucks came under the company’s wing.  The association with Dodge, and later the brother Chrysler, lasted until 1959 when this franchise was relinquished in favour of Mercedes Benz.

1929 heralded the commencement of Co-op’s association with the Standard Motor Company, which was the forerunner to the Australian Motor Industries which in turn is now known as Toyota Motor Corporation Australia.

Through the years, Co-op has represented many famous manufacturers, some of which have since passed into oblivion.  Well known makes such as Hupmobile, Deasey, Storleigh, Hotchkiss, Berliet, Waverley, Austin, Morris and Citroen all contributed in some way to the early progress of the company.

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