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The Royal Hobart Regatta routinely welcomes;

  • Vendors
  • Amusements
  • Carnival Attractions
  • Food Retailers
  • Games and purveyors of iconic attraction sustenance
  • And more.

If all of that describes you and you want to be a part of an iconic event then you’ve dropped anchor in the right spot. Here – in lies a comprehensive batch of information for prospective exhibitors.

Applications are now open for 2024

Interested parties should select the relevant 2024 application documents from below and complete them in consultation with the information right of page.

Non online applicants can return their applications to

Applicaitons for Ground Space
Non Food
Applicaitons for Ground Space
Food & Beverage
Ground Rent Charges
General Terms And Conditions
Take Home Copy
Food Van/ Tent

Site Occupation and Usage

Power and Electrical Equipment

Health Regulations and Food Hygiene Standards

All food and beverage vendors must comply with the Hobart City Council regulations in relation to the safe handling of food. All food must be prepared, packed, displayed and sold, as far as is practicable in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 2003

Upon request of the Hobart City Council Senior Statutory Environmental Health Officer or their representative, the RHRA will deny entry to or have removed from the Royal Hobart Regatta Grounds, any food vendor, together with his/her food and equipment.

That all food vans, caravans and mobile homes of whatever design be fitted with sullage tanks of such type and capacity as considered adequate and to the satisfaction of the Council’s Senior Statutory Environmental Health Officer, for the purposes of collecting domestic trade waste produced by the use of such vehicles.

Any person occupying any food van, caravan or mobile home, who wilfully permits, suffers, causes or by omission permits, suffers or causes domestic or trade waste to escape from a sullage tank onto the ground of the leased area shall be removed forthwith at the direction of a Council officer or the Grounds Manager, together with all food and equipment. (Such offender being given a reasonable time to comply with the direction to quit).


Exhibitor Vehicle Permits

Insurance & Liability

Cleaning And Waste Management


Bond Required on Ground Using Power Driven Equipment

Sale of Glowing Novelty Products

Incident Reporting

Hazard Reporting

Evacuation Plan/s

Occupational Health and Safety

Hazardous Materials

Gas Bottles