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In the 1930s regular annual Gig races occurred between the Navy Cadets and Sea Scouts. These were last held just before World War II. In 2023 the trophies, last presented in 1938, were located at the 1st Derwent Sea Scouts Hall. This prompted the Training Ship Derwent (Navy Cadets) and 1st Derwent Sea Scouts to recommence the competition.


There will be three rowing races and three sailing races.  The overall competition winner is awarded the Dugald McDougall Shield. Dugald McDougall served with distinction in both the RAN Reserve as a Lieutenant Commander and in Sea Scouts as a youth member and later as a Leader with 1st Derwent.

After the success of the first modern-day competition in 2023 (won by the Navy Cadets), it was decided to incorporate this competition in the Royal Hobart Regatta programme. All Sea Scout and Navy Cadet groups in Tasmania are invited to participate.

The two 1930s trophies will be presented to the top rowing and sailing crews and the team accumulating most points will be awarded the Dugald McDougall Shield. For each race 3 points are awarded for a first place, 2 for second and 1 for a third place finish.

As Navy Cadets and Sea Scouts use different boats for sailing, the final sailing race will be a handicap-race.


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