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The Royal Hobart Regatta is scheduled for its 186th year in February from dates 10th – 12th 2024.

Our schedule has a large number of craft and personnel that will be operating within the vicinity of the Regatta foreshore, Macquarie Point and the Tasman Bridge.



  • Commence from 0700 – 1030 Sat 10th Feb. 
  • setup will commence from 0530 involving closure of 4 western most spans of the Tasman Bridge as the rowing start lines will be strung across the spans. 
  • Upon event conclusion (1030hrs) pack down of the start lines will commence and be cleared by 1130hrs 
  • Starting vessel will be positioned at the Western end on the Southern side of the bridge. Vessel will have crew aboard and announcing equipment for the rowers. 

Vintage Power Boats 

  • Event commences at 1100hrs and will conclude at 1300. 
  • There will be an estimated 6-7 boats operating in the vicinity of the Regatta foreshore. 
  • 2 turning markers will be temporarily placed in the area of the regatta foreshore. Location details can be provided on request. 
  • It is requested that mariners keep a 200m distance away from the vessels at all times as these boats will be at speed. 


Trans Derwent Swim 

  • Event will be underway from 0800 hrs. 
  • Competitors will begin their swim from Montagu Bay at the official start line. 
  • Competitors will transit the Derwent River and will finish their swim at the Regatta Grounds. (Location – in between the Northern and Southern Regatta jetties on a floating Pontoon) 
  • Competitors will be escorted by several safety vessels. 2 larger vessels will be identifiable with large banners on the Port and Starboard side of the ship stating that there are swimmers in the water. 
  • Event conclusion 0945 hrs 

Double Derwent Swim 

  • Event commence at 1000hrs 
  • Competitors will depart the Regatta foreshore and will swim towards the Western end of the Tasman Bridge. 
  • Competitors will lap one of the spans and then return towards the Regatta grounds to the same finish location as the Trans Derwent Swim. 
  • Competitors will be escorted again by safety/support vessels that will transit with them for the duration of the event. 
  • Competitors are due to be off the water by no later than 1200hrs. 

Trans and Double Derwent Swims:

  • It has been requested that mariners are to keep a low wash when navigating past the event and stay 120m away from any official vessels or swimming competitors.  

Wind Surfers 

  • Event will commence at 1300hrs.  
  • The Regatta will be hosting Wind Surfers on the river Derwent. 
  • This event is run by a club outside of the event. 
  • Mariners would be advised to transit the area with caution. 
  • Event conclusion is 1600hrs. 

‘Riverfire’ Fireworks  

  • Fireworks are due to commence at 2130hrs and conclude by 2145hrs (Exclusion zone clear at 2200hrs) The exclusion zone is desired to be in place from 2100hrs. 
  • Fireworks will be detonated from both of the Regatta’s foreshore concrete jetties and off a barge positioned just off the Regatta Jetties. 
  • The location of the barge will be: -42°52.54320’S, 147°20.366220’E. 
  • As stated in the attached letter, an exclusion zone of 200m is desirable to maintain the safety of mariners in the local area. 


Come and Try Day 

  • The Come and Try Day will compose of activities run on the Regatta foreshore. 
  • These events include. Jet ski rides, raft rides, stand up paddle boards, kayaking and sailing. 
  • These events are self-contained and pose no threat to navigation of mariners in the local area.  
  • Mariners are advised to transit the area with caution during the hours of 1000 – 1500 hrs. 

Regatta weekend 10th – 12th Feb 


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