Trans Derwent Swim

The Trans Derwent Swim is a staple of the Royal Hobart Regatta; and in 2023, as the Regatta celebrates 185 years, the swim will return on Sunday 12 February.

The traditional swim comprises a 1.5km route across the Derwent River, commencing in Montagu Bay and finishing at the Regatta Grounds within the allocated 45 minutes.

Since its inception, the Trans Derwent Swim has become a must-do for locals, as well as interstate and international visitors. The swim caters for 100+ swimmers, who must brave the dark waters of the Derwent River in this challenging feat.


Information for Entrants

Event FAQs

  • What can I bring into the event?
    A wetsuit is recommended, however not compulsory. Goggles are highly recommended. Participants should also consider the use of ear and/or nose plugs, as the race is in an ocean environment.
  • What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?
    Whilst carpooling is advised, parking will be available at the Regatta Grounds from 7am. Public parking is $10, however upon presentation of a valid race entry ticket, a reduced parking rate for the day of $8 applies. EFT facilities are available.
  • Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
    No, however participants will need to show a valid race entry ticket – either printed, or digitally – for the reduced parking rate.

Entry Categories

The following entry types are available;

  • Juniors (Under 18)
  • Seniors (18 – 34)
  • Masters (35 – 54)
  • Senior Masters (55 – 74)
  • Legends (75+)
  • Double Derwent

Swimming Terms

In submitting this entry you:

  • State that you have read and will comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Event (also available on the Royal Hobart Regatta website)
  • Declare that you are physically fit enough to compete in the Event
  • Discharge the organisers of any responsibility for any injury that may occur to your person whilst participating in the Event
  • Accept the decision of the nominated judges as final and binding

Important Notes:

  • Please ensure you enter the name of all competing swimmers when finalising ticket entry
  • Swimmers intending to use fins or flippers must register as a finswimmer
  • Swimmers participating in the Skins (no wetsuit) category must only wear cap, goggles, ear plugs/nose clips, and standard bathing attire
  • Goggles, ear plugs and nose clips should be considered for this swim

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