Wood Chopping

Called ‘Woodchop’ for short this sport has been around for hundreds of years and is recorded amongst several cultures. In wood chopping competitions, skilled participants attempt to be the first to cut or saw through a log or other block of wood.

Conducted by the Tasmanian Axemen’s Association (Southern Division) Wood Chopping events are conducted annually at the Royal Hobart Regatta. Attracting a large following 70 ‘Axemen’ compete annually across various categories.

Shore Events
First Held
Not Recorded
Axeman Association

Event Categories

  • 225mm Standing Handicap
  • 300mm Jill Single Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 250mm Junior Novice Underhand Handicap
  • 450mm Double Handed Sawing Regatta Championship
  • 250mm Golden Years Handicap
  • 300mm 'Jim Bacon MEmorial' Jiggerboard Handicap (1)
  • 300mm Underhand Handicap
  • 275mm Jil Underhand Handicap
  • 450mm Double Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 275mm Tuatahi Series Underhand Handicap
  • 375mm Jill & Jill Sawing Handicap
  • 325mm A Grade Standing Regatta Championship
  • 250mm Standing Tuatahi Series Handicap
  • 300mm B Grade Standing Regatta Championship
  • 375mm Jack & Jill Sawing Handicap
  • 275mm Novice Underhand Handicap
  • 300mm “ Jim Bacon Memorial” Jiggerboard Handicap (2)
  • 375mm Coach & Novice Sawing Handicap
  • 300mm Standing Handicap
  • 375mm Single Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 250mm Standing Handicap

Important: Governance of wood chopping events is subject to the rules and bi-laws of the Tasmanian Axemen’s Association, Southern Division.